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How To Download Country Wise Whois Database

So before moving ahead make sure you already know how to download the whois database file from whoisdb.co dashboard.

After you are done with downloading the whoisdb.co file in excel now here are some simple steps on how to filter out the excel data according to your needs.

  • Step1: Open you downloaded excel sheet of whois db and apply filter in the first row. Check the below screenshot-

  • STEP 2: Hide or Delete Columns : C-J  & AD – BF
    Very Important step , this will ensure you don’t have any unnecessary data to complicate your leads excel file and thus makes it difficult for calling or emailing guy to get the marketing started.
    Also if you delete the columns the processing of data in the excel sheet gets very fast. Few customers have complaint us that the file opens slowly. Well if you have a desktop or laptop with SSD hardisk and minimum of 4GB RAM then this wont be an issue. Else just delete the unnecessary data columns to make your file lighter.
    Note: Yes you can delete the columns since as per now none of our customer requires this data but if you do well you always have the file to download again from the portal.
  • STEP 3: Filter the Data to Remove the rows with name, phone number and email ids hidden (or privacy protected) 



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