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Whois Database Download - Whois DB

Whois Database is the powerhouse that stores all the information regarding domains and their owners. Through a Whois Database download, one can find the domain name and how to find or access it. The Whois directory is like a phone book where you will find a website address. It is accessible for everyone to locate a website and get in touch with the owners.
Whois Database India

download Whois Database

While it is extremely difficult to download the whole database, you can always download Whois Database and get access to all domain names and their owners. You will get each and every domain ID in it.
Whois Database Of India

What is a WHOIS Database Download?

Whois Database download is a set of information about a domain name compiled together along with other domains. It gives you the perfect overview of all the websites on the internet. This can be used for a range of activities. There are more than a billion domain names that the Whois Database stores. So download Whois Database to get access to all those domain information and to connect to their respective owners.

How to Download WHOIS Data from Our Database?

You can definitely download millions of domain names and their information. But that is a lot of data to download in one sitting and store them. Download WHOIS Database from whoisdb to get all information in an instant. With different kinds of data requirements, there are different packages provided. You can find the global package that costs more than the individual country packages. You simply have to buy the package to download Whois Database from the website itself. You will find categories of databases so that you can avoid unnecessary download of data that you do not require.

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Benefits of WHOIS Data

The Whois Database brings us close to all the web related information. So, a lot of information is just a click away.

There is more or less accurate information about the domains on Whois Database registers.

It is accessible for each and everyone. So, this keeps the cyber world transparent.

You can also keep private data while registering for a domain. This data will not be visible to everyone looking up the database.

Benefits of WHOIS Database

Practical Application of
WHOIS Database Download

Domain naming

If you download Whois Database, you will be able to determine which are the domain names that are taken and available. It will help you strategize how to choose a domain by researching the ones that are already taken.

Prepare for legal research

In any case where your brand has faced fraud or adversity, Whois Database download is of extreme importance. Any legal procedure requires research and proof. The Database will give you the required proof for your legal research.


It is a common problem that big websites face where domain names are created similar to the original site. This is done to divert the traffic from the original domain. So, to avoid being a victim to this type of unethical practices, a Whois Database download is important. You can identify the ones that are using your brand domain name to bring harm to your visits.

4. Keep your brand safe

Through the database, you get to find out the frauds and be wary of them. Since it all consists of domain names, contact information and owner identity, it is easy to get rid of fraudulent activities.

Frequent Asked Questions

The daily database consists of newly registered domains and their information. 

Yes you can get the newly registered domains where there are thousands of country code top level domains. But it depends on whether the data is registered and published on newly registered domains. 

The whole database on the Whois Database download is available in csv format for you to acquire. You can download them categorically or as a whole.

You will get access to Whois Database of domains that have registered recently upto one one month. 

You will receive a zip file from where you will have to download in csv format, since the Data is so huge.

You will find a cleaned database of mostly many countries like India, USA, Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, UAE and more.

You will find a cleaned database of mostly many countries like India, USA, Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, UAE and more.

A Whois Database contains the following data fields:

  • Domain buyer names
  • Domain seller names
  • Date of registration 
  • Date of expiration 
  • And further updates 


Download WHOIS Database to get a truckload of information at your fingertips. Whoisdb arranges information in an easy to access format and the database is also available for different countries. Through this database, give your brand the uniqueness it deserves and protect your brand from frauds and other activities.

Whois Database download India