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Whois Directory

A whois directory is a searchable database that provides information about the ownership and contact information of domain names. registrars. whois directories are often used to find contact information for domain name owners, to check the availability of new domain names, or to research the history of a particular domain name.

Most whois directories contain three pieces of information:

  1. The name of the registrant
  2. Their contact information
  3. The date when the domain was registered

The whois directory can be searched by anyone, but the results will vary depending on the amount of information that is publicly available for a particular domain name. In some cases, only the registrant’s name and contact information will be visible, while in other cases, the full history of a domain name may be visible, including any past owner’s information.

Whois Database India

Best Whois Directory Tools / Software to Buy

If you are looking for the best Whois directory tool or software to buy, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Whois directory tools software on the market and see which one is the best for your needs.

There are many different Whois directory tools software available on the market. However, not all of them are created equal. Some of them are better than others and some are just a waste of money. We will also compare you with the cost of each available in the market


Well is the service that was the first one in the industry however it was started as the whois api service and many companies in the market have risen out by using the api services of Now since we have stopped selling our data service to other now no one can rebrand us and sell the same.

Pros to Buy

  1. Best Interface Design
  2. Biggest Database with best accurate data
  3. Single Dashboard to Download recent + Historical Data
  4. Extra Bonus Tools in same package available:
  5. Google Map Extractor & Google My business Leads
  6. 15Million+ B2B Leads – Filter By Company Location/ Industry & Company Size.
  7. Built In Email Marketing Tool
  8. Pricing: starts at $49 per month (Cheapest in the Market)

Well no other tool we have researched in Giving such services that every whois directory scraper person is looking for. Furthermore this service is rather cheaper than those who are giving only whois database nothing else. Where and how will you do the marketing of those email ids you get using whois data? Remember this question to answer for further comparison of services. : $99 / Month : $1899 / Year

whoisxmlapi : $190 per month – Too costly and not easy for non coder people

When looking for the best Whois directory tools software, you need to consider what features you need and how much you are willing to spend. Once you know these things, it will be much easier to find the best software for your needs.


The different types of information you can find in a whois directory

How to use a whois directory?

A whois directory is a great way to find out information of a registrant about a domain name. You can find out the registrant, administrative, and technical contact information either as a email ID or as a Phone number or also as Linkedin URL.

  • The registrant is the person or organization that registered the domain name.
  • The administrative contact is the person who is responsible for managing the domain name.
  • The technical contact is the person who is responsible for the technical aspects of the domain name, such as the DNS servers.

You can use all these contact details to target them via –  

Email Marketing

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Cold Calling

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Whois Database Of India

The benefits of using a whois directory

A whois directory is a great way to find out who owns a domain name and how to contact them. You can also use it to see when a domain was registered and when it expires. This information can be useful if you want to buy a domain name that is about to expire.

Whois directories are also helpful when you are troubleshooting website problems. For example, if you can’t access a website, you can use the Whois directory to find the contact information for the website’s owner. Then you can reach out to them and ask them to fix the problem.

Overall, using a whois directory is a great way to get more information about domains and websites. It can help you buy domains, troubleshoot problems, and more.

The limitations of using a whois directory

A whois directory is a database that stores information about domain names and their owners. While whois directories can be useful for finding contact information for website owners, they have several limitations.

First, whois directories only contain publicly available information. This means that if a domain owner has chosen to keep their contact information private, it will not be listed in a whois directory.

Second, whois directories can be out of date. If a domain owner changes their contact information, the new details may not be immediately reflected in the whois directory. This can make it difficult to get in touch with the correct person.

Finally, whois directories only contain basic contact information. They do not usually include other important details such as website content or server location. This makes them less useful for people trying to troubleshoot website problems or track down malicious activity.

Benefits of WHOIS Database


The whois directory is a great resource for finding out information about a domain name. However, it is important to remember that the whois directory is not the only way to find out information about a domain name. There are other tools available, such as the DomainTools Reverse Whois Search.

Whois Database download India