Many of our customers are asking how to use the bonus tools and the benefit of using the bonus tools that are provided in your dashboard. So lets talk about those tools:

Tool 1 : Enrichment data software to find new leads (emails)

What if you need leads for established companies so for an example you need to contact HR team of amazon since you are a recruitment firm and would like to reach out to BDM and HR team of companies to expand your business.

Here via this bonus tool you simply put your company domain name Example: and this tool will list you out all the email id with that domain. To be precise lets say mike works in amazon as an HR manager so you will get and you can use this email id to have a conversation with them.

Follow to below steps:

➔ Step 1: Enter the Name of the list just for your reference

➔ Step 2: Select the number of contacts you want the software to scan. For unlimited contacts select the option that says “maximum contacts”

➔ Step 3: Put the company domain names one per line. Max limit is 1000 per scan.

 Step 4: Click on Upload my list to let the software scan for the data.

➔ Step 5: Click on “View the Data” Button to view the report of you can direct download using “Action/Download” Button

Here is the glimpse of data that you will get (here example is

There are many use case of this tool and Our Statistic shows that many of our customers are using this tool more than our Whois Database tool.