Refund Policy

Whoisdb’s Refund Policy

Full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
We Are 100% Committed To You
Quick, Hassle-Free Refund
Our Professional Support Team Is Here For You*
* We will go that extra mile to help you when Whoisdb fails to solve your problem.

Whoisdb provides a 100% money back guarantee if, at any time during the first 30 days after purchasing the product, you are not satisfied with the product or are unwilling to continue conducting business with Whoisdb.

The 30 day refund period begins from the immediate Date of Purchase.

If a purchase was made on an unsupported machine and/or a repair has not taken place during any time period, Whoisdb will address the issue on a case by case basis, and may provide a refund after the 30 day refund period.